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We run a Cape Town holiday accommodation business called CapeHolidays.info. And we get many requests from our holidaymakers for various holiday services. And it’s not that easy to find all these services  when we need them. That’s why we have created this Cape Town holiday services directory.

Cape Town holidaymakers asking us for babysitters, private chefs, cheap and expensive rental cars, day tours, beauticians, chauffeurs, boating trips, helicopter trips, walks and guides. It never stopped. 

Advertisers listings are subject to check/approval, we accept from the following Cape Town holiday service providers:

  • Cape Town and related area business owners providing a service to holidaymakers and Cape Town holiday home owners
  • Charities who depend on holidaymakers.
  • Cape Town Events
  • Cape town Holiday accmmodation owners, home owners and Cape Town Hotels can contact us for a free listing at CapeHolidays.Info
  • Cape Town Real Estate Companies
  • Cape Town Restaurants
  • Cape Town Resorts and Spas
  • Cape Town Travel Agents
  • Cape Town Travel Consultants/Representatives
  • Cape Town Tourism Operators (Shark diving, Whale watching, Skydiving, Assailing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Hiking)
  • Cape Town Tourism Guides
  • All Cape Town travel transport providers; shuttles, taxis, chauffeurs, exotic cars and other.
  • Catering providers; chefs, delicatessen etc.
  • Babysitters
  • House Keepers and House Clean service providers.
  • Things to do for kids.
  • And many more; if a category is not available for your business then add it and we will correct and add a new category for your business.

This Cape Town holiday directory can add a lot of benefit to your business. As you may know; Google value your site more when you have external links linking to your site. As this directory grows with new relevant content more and more holiday makers will come to this directory to find interesting offers like yours. And your listing never dies – like on Gumtree it dies. Here we are working on exposure for you.

But I need your help. One way is to add your business for free. The other is to share this site and this page with your friends via email and all possible social media sites. The more we share the more we will all benefit together. I also promise to share your listings with all my followers on Google+ (nearly 30 000), Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for reading and sharing.



Johan Horak

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