Cape Town Holiday Directory Terms and Conditions

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Please check all details before any buying any service, as we will not be responsible for any mis-information submitted by or for clients.

User Generated Content is being made available to you AS IS, without representations or warranties of any kind.


By listing your Cape Town holiday services, you agree to give ONLY correct and proper information about yourself, business or profession & also agree NOT to post any false, misleading or inaccurate information to/from our website.

The web links displayed on Cape Town Holiday Directory are shown in Good Faith.  Information can, and does, change and it is the advertisers responsibility to make sure that the information contained in such web links are correct.

It is your responsibility to make sure we always have your correct/current email and telephone & address.

Cape Town Holiday Directory will accept no legal responsibility nor will it be held legally responsible for any errors, omissions, loss, damages, loss of income, breach of contract or misrepresentations caused by advertising on this website, howsoever caused. This applies to both the Client and the Advertiser.

It is your responsibility to edit your Cape Town Holiday service listing and keep it relevant.

You may ask us to edit on your behalf but it is your responsibility to check that all is correct.

We do not sell advertising space to our competitors.

We only accept any Cape Town holiday accommodation listings at CapeHolidays.Info

We cannot approve listings without a photo or a brief description of the business, and a contact number.

You can add your website to your listing. If you don’t have a website and want one then contact us to help you.

All listings offer a service to Cape Town holidaymakers and Cape Town holiday home owners.

The advertiser has a legal responsibility to make sure that all photographs, graphics and other material are not subject to copyright. Cape Town Holiday Directory will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements submitted by the advertiser. The advertiser agrees to indemnify Your Holiday Directory Limited against any claims in respect of copyright.

Cape Town Holiday Directory reserves the right to alter and amend the submission, layout, text and design of the advertisement should it be deemed necessary.

The advertisers accept that Cape Town Holiday Directory is an on-line directory only. The business between the Cape Town holidaymakers or Cape Town holiday home owner (Client) and the Cape Town service provider (Advertiser) is strictly between the Client and the Advertiser. Any payment for Cape Town holiday services is made to the advertiser as shown on the listings or on the advertisers website.

Advertisers listings are subject to check/approval, we accept from the following Cape Town holiday service providers:

  • Business owners
  • Charities
  • Cape Town Events
  • Individual companies
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Property owners, home owners and Cape Town Hotels can contact us for a free listing at CapeHolidays.Info
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Cape Town Travel Agents
  • Cape Town Travel Consultants/Representatives
  • Cape Town Tourism Operators
  • Cape Town Tourism Guides
  • All Cape Town travel transport providers; shuttles, taxis, chauffeurs, exotic cars and other.
  • Catering providers; chefs, delicatessen etc.
  • Babysitters
  • House Keepers and House Clean service providers.
  • And many more; if a category is not available for your business then add it and we will correct and add a new category for your business. 

We reserve the right to make editorial judgment.

We reserve the right to have the last say in editorial issues.

All listings are free but we can decide to add a paid option. This will not affect the your free listing.

We reserve the right to advertise on the directory. And you can decide to have an advert free page by upgrading.

We reserve the right to change the price or period of any membership at any time. Free member listings are not affected.

We reserve the right to refuse without question, advertising from any Company, Organization or Individual whom we feel does not show the interest of our Cape Town Holiday directory website or Clients.

You agree to refrain from using the service to gather bulk information on users/advertisers, for the purpose of mass solicitation of any type. Complaints received WILL be investigated and/or prosecuted.

The resale of our services are strictly prohibited.

No opinions or statements please, Political, Religious or otherwise.

Adult sites are inappropriate & as such, are not permitted!