Cape Town Fresh Fruit & Veg Farm Produce

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Cape Town Fresh Fruit & Veg Farm Produce

Full Description

Experience the freshness of handpicked farmed fresh produce by visiting us from where we trade which is at the Earth Fair Food Market in Tokai – situated behind Builders Warehouse & Bathroom Bizarre.

Our produce is farmed from local ethical farmers who work on harvesting produce the natural way. No nasty chemicals or fertilizers. It may not be perfect looking, but our produce is most tastiest and most affordable.

We also offer the options of pre-box orders, so if you would like to place an order beforehand and collect at a relevant time at the market. Convenient and guaranteed to get the produce you want before it sells out.

Our main prices range is from R 5 (Five Rand) per +/- 1kg  item +.

Trading Times:

Saturdays from 09h00am – 14h00pm
Wednesdays from 15h00pm – 20h30pm

Thursdays from 11h00 – 16h00pm (St.Georges Mall in Cape Town)

We believe in that old-fashioned style of shopping –  know the source of the produce your eating and green grocer today!

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