Cape Town Spitbraai and Catering

Lamb, Pork, Suckling Pig, or BEEF is spit-roasted to perfection at your Cape Town holiday home

Cape Town Spitbraai and Catering

Full Description

Cape Town Spitbraai Menu Options

Standard Spitbraai – Braai ‘n go:

Lamb Spitbraai with rich brown gravy and mint sauce

Garlic bread
Spit-roasted potatoes and glazed onions
We cut and dish up in your serving dishes.  We leave and you serve the meal.

On request we will serve the meat and your menu with out equipment.

Cape Town Spitbraai buffet with menu

Lamb Spitbraai with cream sauce/rich brown gravy, and mint sauce

Garlic bread, Pot bread, Bread rolls and butter portions

Spit-roasted potatoes and glazed onions

  • Option 1 – Two salads of your choise
  • Option 2 – One salad, one vegetable, and dessert
  • Option 3 – One vegetable, one salad

We set up a buffet food table for the meat and menu, and serve with our crockery, cutlery, linen and equipment.

Cape Town Spitbraai with Pita

Lamb Spitbraai with Pita breads

Spit-roasted new potatoes and glazed onions

Condiments:  Hummus, Tzaziki, diced tomato onion and cucumber, Guaquamole

Greek salad with salad dressings


We set up a buffet food table for the meat and menu, and serve with our crockery, cutlery, and linen.

Additional menu options ie salad, dessert, coffee, or cheese may be added.


Lamb Meal Preparing the lamb Crayfish Webber Green Vegetable Salad Crayfish


Expertise you can trust

Cape Town Spitbraai by Monique now celebrates 9 years of success, backed by Monique’s 21 years’ extensive culinary and confectionary experience.

Your function is our priority, and we endeavour to ensure that your gathering is a great success.

Monique’s background:

National Higher Diploma in Food Technology.

Catering Department Manager at the University of South Africa.

International award winner during Salon Culinaire for the Chef’s Association.

Monique is an experienced staff manager, function co-ordinator and planner.

Monique’s customers range from academics, rectorate, international guests, celebrities, and cabinet ministers including President Nelson Mandela and government officials.


Our Guarantee

  • We are always on time
  • We serve a generous protion of 500g raw meat per person
  • Proficient service by courteous and knowledgeable staff
  • Monique is on-site and in control of your function and service at all time
  • We do not compromise the quality of our product, sourcing only the freshest and best ingredients.
  • No ready-made chain store salads or sauce mixes are used.  In order to guarantee the freshness of your food, some final preparations may be done on your premises.
  • Throughout the cooking process, the meat is injected with our own marinade, an old family recipe, resulting in soft, succulent, tasty meat, which is then served cut and piping hot.





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