Camissa Gospel tour

Join us for an African gospel experience and participate in the singing and dancing

Camissa Gospel tour

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Langa township Gospel Tour – on foot and face-to-face

 All praise to one of the most spiritual  ways to experience townships in South Africa

Camissa Travel And Marketing conducts tours through various townships, offering visitors a chance to learn about the lives and cultures of people.  This helps to develop a more realistic and empathic view on places that often appear different face-to-face than they are portrayed by local and international news media. With a little help from inspired, informed friends like tour guide Samantha Mtinini, new insights to new worlds are right on your doorstep.

 Samantha’s descriptive insight into the history and spirit of Langa combined with a sensory exploration of its offerings demonstrate that Langa is alive with humanity and ingenuity, celebration and reparation.

Sunday is a special day to visit. From uniformed ladies on their way to church to wooden food stalls lined with fresh free range chickens waiting for the roast to sidewalk stands selling just-cooked meat delicacies, one feels a sense of exuberance and organisation.

A visit to a hostel is sobering, as is a housing development and squatter camp. We then try a homemade beer I’ve dubbed the “umquombothi experience”.  The beer, served in a single bucket for communal ritual and after-hours entertainment has a yeasty flavour that goes down easily.

This is balanced by a dynamic session in a charismatic church, with worshippers welcoming us to participate freely. Despite not knowing the words, I feel a strong sense of elation and exuberance, and am happy to get in line as we snake around the space to the rhythm and melody of charismatic gospel songs.

The journey concludes with a driven tour through a neighbouring township with different demographics, population size and mood to Langa, and we are dropped back where we started with a whole new perspective on where the real Cape Town really is.



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