Buy Fresh Fish Cape Town – From Sylvia Fish Monger at Kalk Bay Harbour

Fresh Fish Cannot Taste As Well As From Friendly Sylvia Our Fresh Fish Monger

Buy Fresh Fish Cape Town - From Sylvia Fish Monger at Kalk Bay Harbour

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So you are looking for that fresh fish Cape Town for a braai. Or you wan to make sashimi or even better; make your own Cape Malay Pickled Fish.

That’s simple; you can go to many places in Cape Town to buy fresh fish. But you wont get them as fresh as from Kalk Bay harbour. At this Fresh Fish Market Cape Town, you’ll find many Cape Town fish mongers selling fresh fish. My favourite fish monger is Sylvia. Here’s my daughter, Nandi, with Sylvia when we bought a Yellow Tail from her.


We have bought Tuna, Yellow Tail, Snoek, and Angel Fish and many more. The last of these we bought to braai. We keep it simple. Marinate the fish in butter, add spices and herbs to taste. And braai on the skin side until cooked. There’s no need to turn the fish if you are using a Webber. Here’s a snoek braai recipe.

But back to fresh fish for sale Cape Town:

What we like out our fish monger in Kalk Bay is that it’s an experience to go out to Kalk Bay harbour; walk around and observe or go for a fancy meal. And then buy your Cape Town fresh fish from Sylvia.

The last time we were there we had a lovely meal at Harbour House and phone our friend Sylvia sitting outside. On that day she had fresh Yellowtail. We negotiated the price and from the restaurant window we could see how she selects a nice Yellowtail, gave it to the cleaner. By the way; Sylvia will give you a price for the fresh fish and then add another R10 for the cleaner.

You can ask Sylvia to clean and fillet the fish, keep the head and tail or cut it off. In the past we used to get rid of the tail and head as they scared Elmarie. But now we bring it along and cook it for a lovely fish stock.

If you need fresh fish in Cape Town then call Sylvia today and she what she can offer you. It’s fun to do. And the best way to eat fresh fish Cape Town is to buy it from the ocean and braai or cook it that day. This will add a lovely colour to your Cape Town holiday.

But what about being ripped off and the ability to haggle?

Here’s my straight answer to sceptics:

I tend not to haggle. I like haggling but theses Cape Town fresh fish mongers have relatively set prices. You can neg if you buy quantity.

I have bought from various Kalk Bay fish mongers at the harbour and never had a problem.

People talk about pap snoek. This may happen. But it will rather happen if you buy from the guy next to the road. Most Fish Mongers like Sylvia will give you advice. And that’s why I recommend Sylvia. I like to build a relationship with my food providers. 

For your Fresh Fish Cape Town supply call Sylvia now at 0722669328. Or use the contact owner form below to send an email.

This article was written by Johan Horak from CapeHolidays.Info on behalf of Sylvia how does not have readily available access to the internet.



  1. Jacci says:
    Posted March 25, 2014 at 11:42 am | Permalink

    Sylvia is my favourite fishmonger at Kalk Bay. So glad to have her number again, had lost it. Will be back for fabulous fish!

    • Very kind of you Jacci. Would you mind giving Sylvia a call today. She would appreciate the call.

  2. We are fortunate to have this historic harbour on our doorstep. I do hope that the fleet of wooden boats will be declared a national heritage and the fishing rights restored to the people who have traditionally supplied us with fresh fish and a great sense of humour.

    • Hi Dennis

      Great comment. Yes this is such a privilege. The other day I went to buy Yellow Tail from Sylvia. What a pleasure to share a few jokes with her and her team.

      There’s nothing like buying fresh fish from the source.

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